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Solar Panels Technician


We are always open to new projects, do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas or suggestions for a project!

Here you can read about some of our projects:

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4 MW Solar Park

Work is currently underway to project what could be one of the region's largest roof-mounted solar energy parks in terms of effect. The park is built, owned and maintained by us at Clean Energy Sweden.

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25 MW Hybrid Park

We are working on an exciting project that can provide an effect of 17 MW of solar energy and 8 MW of energy storage. The park will be built, owned and maintained by us at Clean Energy Sweden and we estimate that construction will begin in 2025.

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Energy storage

We have a number of energy storage projects in our pipeline and the first facility is expected to be ready in May 2024. More facilities, 0.5 MW to 40 MW, are being developed and put into production on an ongoing basis.

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