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High electricity consumption?

Many companies are currently experiencing increasing electricity costs, especially in the industrial sector where energy-intensive processes are a necessity and efficiency improvement takes a long time to implement.
At the same time, it is becoming more and more important to have a strong environmental profile when customers place higher demands on companies' sustainability work.

In order to meet the challenges in the electricity market, the industry has in recent years increasingly started to use PPA agreements (Power Purchase Agreements). PPA agreements give companies a good way to manage price and volume risks with a good long-term perspective. The agreements also bring green values, both for investors and buyers, and strengthen the companies' environmental profile.

These agreements bind buyers and sellers for a specified period of time to a certain price and certain volume from a specific type of power or even specific electricity production facilities. The agreements are often associated with long-term contracts, upwards of 10 years or longer, but can also apply to shorter contract periods of a few years.

By signing a PPA agreement with us as a producer of clean renewable energy, you as a company can both benefit from the advantages of consuming electricity from renewable energy sources and protect yourself against price fluctuations in the market with rampant electricity prices. PPA agreements also give us as a producer increased opportunities to make further investments in order to secure the production of green electricity in the long term. It therefore benefits you as a company both in the short term and in the long term.

We are currently planing for the establishment of several solar energy parks where you as a company have the opportunity to get a stable, cost-secured supply of electricity through PPA agreements. Feel free to contact us and we can tell you more about how together we can reduce your electricity costs and at the same time contribute to lower carbon dioxide emissions and less climate impact.

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