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Solar Panels Technician

We need your help

As a landowner, you are a key person in our investment in local energy production. We are dependent on finding and engaging landowners who can offer land for the establishment of solar parks and wind farms. 

 Although the interest in renewable energy is greater than ever, there are still few large wind and solar energy parks in Sweden. Here is an untapped potential for us as a company to invest in sustainable green electricity and an opportunity for you as a landowner to contribute to the transition to a fossil-free society.

By leasing land to us, you as a land owner get a long and stable income while you are involved and contribute to expanding the production of renewable electricity. A lease normally runs for 45 years and an indexed, annual and competitive lease fee starts from the day of establishment. After the end of the lease period, the solar power park is dismantled and the land is restored to its original condition. There is also the option of keeping the land's layout for continued mowing or conversion to arable land.  

Examples of solutions

As a landowner, you have opportunities to influence how the park will be built and what we in the area must take into account. By leasing out your land for a solar park or wind farm, you get an opportunity to increase your income from the land in addition to agriculture and/or forestry, with good and stable income for a long time. We naturally handle all authority contacts and costs.

Investment-free energy

As a property owner, you lease your roof or ground surface to us where we install a solar energy plant. We finance the entire project, take care of the installation and you consume the electricity that is produced. We calculate the production directly in the meter and you pay a fixed low cost for locally produced renewable energy, without having to make any investment yourself!

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